Friday, August 28, 2009

Who Are The Research Faculty?

One of the first questions I had after being elected (indeed, even before being elected) was "Who are the Non-Tenured Research Faculty?".

With some digging on the UMD website, I was able to discover what the various faculty titles were; they are described in  the Faculty Handbook.  Armed with this list,  I asked Kyland Howard,  Senior Research & Policy Analyst the at Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment, to tabulate the number of people holding each title.   The results are below.

  Research Faculty Headcount
Title Fall 2008  Spring 2009
Assoc Artist-In-Residence 2 3
Assoc Research Engineer 2 2
Assoc  Research Scholar 3 3
Assoc Research Scientist 43 40
Asst Research Engineer 1 2
Asst Research Scholar 3 3
Asst Research Scientist 105 113
Faculty Research Assistant 562 572
Research  Associate 417 462
Research Assoc Professor 12 12
Research Asst Professor 24 26
Research Professor 25 28
Research Professor Emeritus 0 2
Senior Artist-In Residence 1 1
Senior Research Engineer 5 5
Senior Research Scholar12 11
Senior Research Scientist 47 45
Total 1264 1330
 Note: did not find any Assistant Artist-in-Residence
Source: Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment

The results were a surprise to me.  My biased expectation was that the majority of NTRF were like me, Research Scientists.  In fact, Research Associates (aka post-docs) and Faculty Research Assistants make up 77% of the total.

Our views of campus life are probably as wide-ranging as our titles.   The best way for me to represent those views is to hear them from you.

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  1. Congratulations, Marc. Its probably the first forum for discussion among NTRF.

    Looking at the numbers a stronger representation in the Senate is called for. However if even the single seat goes vacant the case is not likely to be strong.

    It would be interesting to get a measure of the size of research funding of NTRF, e.g., as PIs, co-PIs, etc.